Intellectual Property for Digital Receipts

afterBOT's Intellectual Property (IP)

afterBOT is offering access to powerful IP portfolio for fundamental technologies that will support a significant advantage over competitors

Patents Granted Title Priority Issue Year Expire
US 7,552,087 B2 Electronic transaction receipt repository System and Methods 2000 2009 2023
US 7,742,989 B2 System and Methods for attaching supplemental product information to digital receipt data 2001 2010 2026
US 8,001,046 B2 System and Methods for automating product returns 2000 2011 2021
US 8,112,356 B2 System and Methods for providing automated secondary purchase opportunities on digital receipts 2000 2012 2021
US 8,165,960 B2 System and Methods for automatically registering a product 2000 2012 2021

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