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afterBOT Licenses Patents to Accelerated Analytics

Norcross, GA, June 26, 2013 - afterBOT, Inc.(, the leader in digital receipt solutions, announced today that it has signed a patent license agreement with Accelerated Analytics, LLC. Under the terms of the limited use license Accelerated Analytics can incorporate the afterBOT digital receipt patent portfolio into future versions of their retail industry point of sale reporting solutions.

The afterBOT patent portfolio, which includes five U.S. patents (7,552,087 awarded in 2009, 7,742,989 awarded in 2010, 8,001,046 awarded in 2011, and 8,112,356 and 8,165,960, both awarded in 2012), as well as additional pending patent applications covering additional strategic inventions. The patents and pending patent applications pertain to the invention of a central repository of digital receipts across multiple buyers and sellers, enable the appropriate de-identification of confidential information while allowing for aggregation and analytics, and add specific functionality related to attaching supplemental data to a digital receipt, automating the product return process, enabling secondary selling via hyperlinks on the digital receipt, and automating the product registration process.

"We are pleased to license our patents to Accelerated Analytics," said John Simon, President of afterBOT. "Their multi-retailer reporting capabilities will be strengthened and some of our specific functionality will support expanded capabilities for their extended supply chain and mobile access and reporting."

While the contents of the license agreement have not been disclosed, the parties indicate that afterBOT will receive royalties from Accelerated Analytics.

About afterBOT:

afterBOT, Inc. licenses patented solutions for the aggregation, management, and analysis of digital receipt databases across a wide variety of consumer and supply chain transactions and industry solutions along with atomic level, real-time digital receipt based software technology. For more information visit

About Accelerated Analytics:

Accelerated Analytics® is a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on retail EDI 852, POS, and supply chain data. Accelerated Analytics includes rich web based analytics and mobile access so that business users can focus on growing profitable sales, reducing out of stocks, and optimizing assortments. Accelerated Analytics tools provide years of best practices in retail merchandising and are customizable to exact requirements. For more information, visit

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