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Retail Anywhere Integrates With afterBOT Solutions; Helping Retailers To Connect With Customers While Delivering An Eco-Friendly Receipt

January 12, 2009
Retail Anywhere, a leader in providing integrated software and services for mid-size retailers, today announced its partnership with afterBOT and integration to their TransAccess® CustomerConnect solution and digital receipt technology. With digital receipt technology from afterBOT, retailers using Retail Anywhere POS will have the ability to email customers an electronic receipt for their purchases. Email receipts represent an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper and shoppers will no longer have to worry about lost receipts.

The digital receipt technology combined with afterBOT's CustomerConnect enables retailers to enhance marketing efforts with targeted delivery of promotions and other marketing information. With a link on a retailer's website, CustomerConnect also provides consumers with access to post sales transaction information, helping them keep track of receipts, transactions, and sales tax information. Transaction details can also be imported into money management applications.

The first retailer to deploy Retail Anywhere POS utilizing digital receipts and integration to CustomerConnect will be Peek…Aren't You Curious. The combined solution provides Peek a way to help the environment while making a more meaningful connection with their customers.

About Retail Anywhere
Retail Anywhere is a leading developer of point of sale and retail management technologies, supplying solutions to mid-size retailers since 1981. Flexible in-store, enterprise management and warehouse management solutions are seamlessly designed to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue and reduce the cost of doing business for retailers. Built upon leading Microsoft technologies and conformance with Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), its full-service solutions provide the foundation for retail success. For more information, visit

About afterBOT
afterBOT, Inc. combines a post sales transaction management infrastructure system, sales reporting tool and professional services to provide a comprehensive business management solution driving top and bottom line growth for retailers and their suppliers and customers through a suite of retailer, vendor, and consumer focused applications. afterBOT was founded in 2000 and is privately held; investors include Chrysalis Ventures, Blue Ridge Ventures, e-RM Ventures and Kenzie Lane. For more information, visit

About CustomerConnect
afterBOT's Customer Connect revolutionizes the way retailers and their suppliers connect with customers both before and after the sale. By providing secure web access to transaction history, we enable a customer self-management tool designed to reduce operational costs and increase selling opportunities. Through the extension of these customer services directly to the home or office, consumers and business customers can easily access relevant information regarding purchase history and other important product details. In addition, this subsystem provides features such as shopping lists, item links to recipes and other promotions for complementary products or services – all designed to provide the basis for a shift from discounts to service in the fierce competition for customer loyalty.

SOURCE: Retail Anywhere, January 12, 2009

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